Millions of delighted customers. $30 million in ROI.

We are a full-service boutique firm: our creative approach is to treat each design project as a unique challenge, with a custom solution for your best customers. In the last 5 years, we’ve completed over 50 projects, designing everything from chemical search engines to new mobile payment strategies, creating tremendous value for our clients.
What’s the right design approach for your project? Let us help you figure it out.

Rapid iterative modeling. Design process that works.

Our specialty is rapid iterative design and research process. We engage your most valuable customers as partners by putting in front of them simple, tangible prototypes, right where they use your product. This unique combination yields deeply insightful feedback that allows us to iterate the prototype rapidly, filling in key experience differentiators, covering multiple design directions and testing the limits of the design. Our process ensures that, you quickly get a product with a unique design that has proven its worth with your top customers many times over. Then we finish off our wireframes with the best in modern visual design, icons and branding, and work with your entire team to ensure successful implementation.


Your project is your life. Hire the A team.

When you hire us, you will never have to wonder who is leading your project… or where did those top agency’s “experts” disappear after you signed the contract. That’s because when you hire DesignCaffeine, you hire the A team. Period. CEO and Principal, 4-time book author Greg Nudelman personally leads your project, taking pride in getting the design of your experience right. On-time and on-budget.

Greg Nudelman

Greg Nudelman, Principal & CEO

Greg’s first experience designing for mobile was as part of the SkunkWorks team that created the original eBay mobile app that generated over $5 billion in revenue. Since then, Greg wrote 4 UX books and spoke at over 50 leading sold-out industry events.
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Kimberly Johnson

Kimberly Johnson, Branding and Visual Design Director

Visual design wizard extraordinaire, Kimberly worked with top brands like Nike, Coca Cola, Cisco and IBM, designing uniquely relatable digital brand experiences and creating millions of fans.

Daria Kempka

Daria Kempka, Sr. Interactive Producer

Daria has an M.A. in Mass Communication and Digital Storytelling and has more than a decade of U.X, visual communication, and design experience. Most recently, she developed Marquette University’s mobile strategy and brought its brand to smartphones and tablets. She teaches interaction design to journalism majors. The post-it is her power animal.

Angel Inokon

Angel Inokon, Sr. Mobile UX Designer

Angel is a mobile product development guru with fourteen years of industry experience in education, software and game production. After completing her Masters of Education in Learning Design and Technology from Stanford in 2006, she joined the casual games industry at PlayFirst as a Game Producer for four years. Her career began at IBM where she produced web-based learning for management training.

Will Krause

Will Krause, UX Designer

Will is an Emmy-nominated graphic designer through his work for Sesame Street, where he created the first iPad graphics used on the program. He also has a dozen years of experience in various fields of design – everything from storyboarding cartoons for Cartoon Network to creating interactive game show props for MTV. Will has studied interactive design with a graduate degree in Exhibit Design from F.I.T. in New York, and is a recent graduate of Greg’s Agile Mobile UX Design Intensive Course from SF State.


We wrote the book on UX. Make that 4 books.

From best practices in Search UX to the most effective Android and Responsive Web design patterns, we continued to push the industry to create the best possible digital products and services for over 5 years. This year Greg redefined how mobile design is done with $1 Prototype: the Lean Mobile UX Manual for Android Material Design, iOS and RWD.


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