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The Android 4 Opportunity

USAA is the bank that started it all — the first mobile banking application, the first remote check deposit, the first quick login. To add to this impressive legacy, USAA is also one of the most complex mobile financial apps on the market, featuring everything from insurance to stock trading, even a rental car locator! We are proud to help the USAA team to transition their existing experience to the new Android 4.x OS to provide the best experience for our Armed Forces. And in addition to providing the intensive team training and the design guidelines document, we are SUPER-excited to help USAA take on the challenge of using the new Android platform as a strategic opportunity to redesign their flagship flows.

tatiana-miller“Greg is a top-notch user experience professional who is industry recognized and highly regarded. He is incredibly professional and knowledgeable about Android design. He delivers high quality products that I was extremely happy with. I would recommend working with Greg.”

— Tatiana Miller, Director, Digital Strategy and Operations at USAA

Pure Android

Taking full advantage of Android 4.x involves changes that are more than skin deep — like removing “>” (carets) and rounded corners. Changes to app’s information architecture, layout, and navigation are a key to adhering to the new Android design guidelines while providing a great experience untouched by competition.


The Gold Standard of Mobile Banking. Re-imagined.

We are proud to have assisted USAA with using the Android 4.x design challenge as the opportunity to strategically revisit key workflows like check deposit and apply the modern design patterns like Wizard Flow with Form and Auto-Scan to enable USAA members to deposit multiple checks with ease with the industry’s new gold standard for remote check deposit experience.


Download the app from the Google Play Store and see for yourself:

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