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The totality of holistic experience.

Holistic UX Design means integrating all of the data available to your business to create the experience your customers will love. By understanding car selling holistically, as both on-line and off-line process, we were able to deliver a new selling system for eBay Motors that gently but firmly promoted best practices, virtually eliminating existing disruptions, while greatly increasing satisfaction and completion rates.


christian-rohrer“Thank you, Greg, for providing so much of the great source material [for eBay Executive Board Strategy Meeting]…

What a fantastic set of results… I’m very impressed and most appreciative of all your great work. Thank you.”

-Christian Rohrer, Sr. Director, User Experience Research, eBay Inc.

Client: eBay Motors

Product: Sell Your Vehicle Workflow

Problem: eBay Motors wanted to improve conversion and decrease drop off during the vehicle selling flow.

Solution: Conduct field studies to understand existing vehicle selling issues. Approach the design problem holistically, considering both on- and off-line tasks. Redesign the product from the ground-up while keeping within limited project scope.

Services: Field studies, vision storyboarding, concept sketching, wireframing.

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designing-search-bookIf you are designing for mobile or web, you can’t afford to ignore search. Search is more than mere technology. It is an experience. A moment of flow, of meaning. A quiet conversation with your customer. That is why I wrote Designing Search: UX Strategies for eCommerce Success (Wiley, 2011).

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