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Grockit was a hot startup: game-changing idea implemented via fast Ruby on Rails back-end. The only problem — how to communicate their unique value proposition to new customers?


Communicate Value. With Clarity & Simplicity.

DesignCaffeine engaged the company founders through two rounds of conceptual storyboarding, brainstorming and wireframing. The result was a truly compelling experience of the Grockit Games lobby based on the World of Warcraft game: redesigned IA, lobby & welcome experience, game scheduling and unique member profile features.


Jury Selection. 10 Million in Venture Capital.

New social features and a new IA for the welcome pages completed the vision that communicated Grockit’s unique e-learning value proposition and reflected the dynamic, collaborative and social nature of the site. Following the redesign, Grockit won the Jury Selection at TechCrunch 50 and raised over 10 million in funding.

Most importantly, the new UI “sold itself”, creating the social learning game platform to showcase Grockit’s brilliant test-prep content to legions of new customers, who came away more than satisfied, setting the company on a path of viral growth and solid profitability.

“I have been a satisfied user of grockit for the past several months. The fee for standard membership was more than reasonable, and the online collaboration integration is brilliant. I only wish I was more motivated to spend more time on it, so I could finally take the test. The instant grading and categorization of question types and other stats are extremely helpful and time saving compared to doing this on paper out of a book.” – ShouldBeStudying, verified real student

“I thought Grockit was a great way to learn new concepts, practice the ones I had learned, and challenge myself with new questions. The way the site is constantly interactive helps you go from question to question is much better than just trying to go through a book on your own. Not to mention the live help you get through questions in the rooms hosted by Grockit teachers! Some were even free, which was fantastic. I can’t say enough with how much this helped above and beyond what I could have gotten out of just a book.” – foodwinemodpodge, verified real student

“Grockit is a great site that has tons of interaction that can help to make learning fun for the GMAT. You can race against other Grockiteers or play games in Verbal or Math against them – even get tutored if you’d like extra help! It brings GMAT prep to life and creates a place where you want to strive to succeed. Many top notch features are through Grockit, one in particular is where your stats are displayed in your profile, allowing you to check out your strengths and weaknesses. Sign up for Grockit today, you won’t regret it!” – infraredpursuit, verified real student


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