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Intuit TaxCaster: Best Finance App. Apple App Store Featured iOS App.


jonathan_kromrey“Greg was the right person at the right time for our iOS design recommendations and especially Android UI compliance. He worked seamlessly and independently with various teams and projects across Intuit: TaxCaster iOS, GoPayment Android, Mint, TaxCaster Android, Tax Online Accountant for Mobile (TOM), SnapTax, Weave Android – many of which were featured on the iTunes App Store and GooglePlay. Working directly through our Core Technology Office, Greg’s design direction was timely, efficient, clear, and spot-on. I look forward to working more with Greg in the future as UI requirements and needs are constantly changing in the fast-paced smartphone and tablet market. Thanks Greg for all the hard work!” — Jonathan Kromrey, Apple Relationship Manager at Intuit

ios-8-gui-psdSimplicity. Uncomplicated.

TaxCaster was conceived as a simple and approachable way to accurately estimate your taxes on your mobile or tablet device, yet pack the sophistication of the award-winning professional tax calculations engine contained in Intuit’s TurboTax software product. But there is nothing more complicated than simplicity: from the open design layout to deliberate typography choices, successful iOS8 required a whole different level of mobile thinking.

The Dial

taxcaster_dialThe most prominent design element of the app is the dial. We have gone through several versions to ensure we got it just right. The dial makes the tax deduction process simple to understand and delightful to engage in, inviting the customers to experiment with deductions and various filing options.

Dual Data Entry

taxcaster_dual_data_entryEvery feature of the app is designed with meticulous detail. Take data entry: it had to be designed carefully to support multiple key use cases. The app allows easily dialing up the approximate “ballpark” figure using sliders to encourage experimentation, while at the same allowing precise number keyboard entry for customers looking to enter the exact data from their W2.

Redesigned for iOS8

taxcaster_translucent_backgroundThe app received a complete visual and interaction design facelift, with the new features such as translucent backgrounds, employed to the fullest to help customers make sense of the apps information architecture and enter data with ease, accuracy, and most importantly full confidence in the results.

Download the app from the Apple App Store: https://itunes.apple.com/taxcaster

Eugene_Krivopaltsev2“I found Greg’s design, suggestions and advices very compelling, reflecting amazing personal innovation skills, always complaint with Apple, Google guidelines. Besides being top-notch professional, Greg is perfect team player, he is open to other opinions, ready to adopt and evolve ideas from initial mock-up up to commercial products. If our ways cross again I would be happy to work with Greg again.” — Eugene Krivopaltsev, CTO Principal Mobile engineer at Intuit

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