Excellent design is no longer a luxury — it is a your mission-critical core competency you need to succeed in today’s tough business environment. Design requires constantly pushing the envelope, while communicating effectively with the rest of the company. It is the glue that brings together your customers’ needs, business objectives and development capabilities.

Design training that works. With a global perspective.

To make design training successful, you need a partner who understands and appreciates what it takes to run a design team, create a successful process and ultimately bring a uniquely valuable product to market. Greg Nudelman has over 15 years of experience in helping diverse organizations achieve success with industry-leading custom UX design training. Greg delivered over 50 design presentations, workshops and courses in a dozen countries, sharing his Lean Mobile UX design best practices with product teams from New York and San Francisco to Dubai, Buenos Aires, Rio, Leon, Moscow, Stockholm and Tel-Aviv.

jan-joost_kraal122x122“I hired Greg to teach us Mobile Interaction Design and Search. His in-depth knowledge of the subjects … and his hands-on approach is immediately applicable. Very good. Top qualities: Expert, Good Value, Creative.” — Jan-Joost Kraal, Global Director of Product at OLX

Actionable UX Methodology. Tangible design deliverables.

We follow our highly effective 4-part Lean Mobile UX $1 Prototype™ design process, usually in the context of creating or improving a specific product. We teach practical lean agile skills your team can put to work immediately, helping your organization clarify the vision for your product and producing a tangible, uniquely delightful design that captures the hearts and minds of your customers. Bring ideas. Walk away with wireframes™. Learn more info about our process.


Tatiana_Miller“Greg is a top-notch user experience professional who is industry recognized and highly regarded. He is incredibly professional and knowledgeable about Android design. He delivers high quality products that I was extremely happy with. I would recommend working with Greg.” – Tatiana Miller, Director, Digital Strategy and Operations at USAA

Your customers in focus. Naturally.

Using our $1 Prototype Lean Mobile UX process, we help your team put customers at the core of your design activities without adding extra time and expense typically associated with recruiting and interviewing users. So you can jump into testing right away and get key feedback you need to determine if you are building the right product, pivot as needed and quickly improve your design.

Ananda_Ghosh“I really appreciated Greg’s class and book, and am putting concepts from it to great use in my product work.” – Ananda Ghosh, Product Manager at Klout

Jay_Tkachuk“Greg is a master of mobile interaction design. Even though we knew what we wanted in our mobile solution, his seminar… brought to our attention certain aspects of the interaction and testing we didn’t consider. I highly recommend Greg to anybody who is working on a mobile solution.” – Jay Tkachuk, Online Services Manager, Security Service Federal Credit Union

Translate research insights into product strategy.
Uncover new opportunities.

analytics-percent-searches-lift-cTo make the most of our engagement, we typically take several weeks to prepare. We use our experience to dig deep into your research insights and metrics to come up with uncommon insights to help inform your comprehensive digital product strategy. Then as part of the workshop, we work with your team to translate the product strategy into cutting-edge designs that explore novel opportunities and penetrate new markets.

Dante_Moore“Greg brings fresh out-of-the-box thinking to the UX design process and truly understands what it means to put the customer first. The wealth of experience he brings to the table from designing successful search and e-commerce systems is invaluable. He’s a pleasure to work with and comes highly recommended.” – Dante Moore, Sr. Director, Product Design, Associated Press and CEO, Paragoni.com

John_Barrow“Greg was hired by Associated Press to help make sense of AP’s product search methodologies and practices. Greg produced fantastic results by delivering timely user-centered design solutions, absorbed input from users’ and business needs and quickly refined his solutions accordingly. His work has advanced AP’s product development across the enterprise.” – John Barrow, Director, Product Design, Associated Press

Design Curriculum that works.

The competencies taught through our $1 Prototype process are delivered through 3 curriculum areas. We combine elements of each of these areas in a custom workshop offering uniquely tailored to your team’s specific needs to create the outcome you desire and deliver tremendous ROI.

Shri_Jambhekar“I had a chance to take Greg’s Mobile Agile UX workshop recently. As a world class subject matter expert and author in Mobile UX design, Greg’s knowledge of the subject is profound and his ability to explain complex concepts is outstanding. Greg is very hands-on in his approach and was able to help significantly enhance my knowledge about Agile approach to UX design. I strongly recommend Greg’s book and his workshop to those that seek to become proficient in the area.” – Shri Jambhekar, Senior Associate at Areteworks

Product teams love us.

Best of all, teams consistently love the new process improvements, tangible deliverables and practical design patterns we deliver.

What custom UX design workshop can we put together for you? Let’s talk.