From Search to Android and Responsive Web, we continue to define the UX industry, as we did for over 5 years. This year Greg tackles Lean Mobile UX and Android Material Design with the $1 Prototype book.

We did not invent smartphones. We simply decided mobile experiences matter.

We love mobile experiences. We love them because they empower people. Well-designed mobile apps are like the Iron Man cybernetic armor, transforming us into everyday super-heroes. At DesignCaffeine, we strive to create delightful yet powerful digital experiences that span entire eco-systems, from wearables to mobile to desktop. But more than that, we want to elevate the quality of the design methodologies and provide product teams with the most effective tools and practical training to create their best designs.

Lean Mobile UX Methodology

The power of digital experiences is rooted in human connection. Powerful design is a conduit for empathy, allowing the best of our nature to shine through. Yet most mobile designs fall short of this promise. So for the past 7 years, over 50 sessions and workshops with thousands of attendees, we never stopped asking ourselves:

What’s the best way to design mobile applications?

We studied the best apps and interviewed successful design teams to see what really made them tick. And we codified it all into a $1 Prototype™ methodology designed to sharpen the product vision and turn it into exceptional mobile and wearable products and services using direct iterative testing with potential customers.



  • Address the #1 reason start-ups fail: the lack of market need for their product
  • Translate insights from research into design decisions for a brand new or existing product or service
  • Ask the why: ‘are we building the right product’, before the how: ‘how to build the product right’
  • Avoid the common traps that block teams and start-ups from pivoting, especially with opposed business objectives


  • Create clean, consistent iOS, Material Design or RWD interface that also reflects your app’s unique personality
  • How to “style” an app with the right style for a given component (Spinner, Toolbar, Search, etc.)
  • Escape the clutches of a “Windows developer” mindset and focus on the unique UX features of mobile-first solutions
  • Engage the user right away and onboard smoothly so you don’t lose them to common mistakes


  • Inject the focus on customer outcomes into the core of your team or client relationship
  • Keep user research lean, accessible and readily available… while eliminating overhead
  • Ensure that the right people are aware of the results at the right time
  • Ensure that you remain the project designer, even when everyone “knows” UX


  • Help your team create a joint set of goals, so decisions come from a shared perspective
  • Encourage lean “from the gut” calls, while avoiding intractable arguments
  • Implement lean user feedback into an agile sprint
  • Phase-match the UX design efforts with code development so they can inter-dependently create together

Greg Nudelman

Greg Nudelman is Mobile and Tablet Experience Strategist, Fortune 500 Advisor, Author/Speaker and CEO. He is often called “the hardest working man in UX business”. His journey from growing up in Ukraine to leading an agency that is re-imagining today’s digital experiences has taught him many important lessons. And Greg’s passion for creating transformative digital experiences inspired audiences world-wide and armed them with practical tools to take their own designs to the next level.

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4 Top-Rated UX Books

“The humorous prose is colorful and makes the material a fun read… This is very “visual” reading, and is much enjoyed and appreciated. The analysis is spot on, and expertly worded… It’s a winner. We need more of this colorful kind of writing about technical things.” –- Smashing Magazine reviewer

$1 Prototype

The $1 Prototype: A Modern Approach to Mobile UX Design and Rapid Innovation for Material Design, iOS8, and RWD

DesignCaffeine Press, December 1, 2014
Ready to tackle UX for Android Material Design, iOS8, Responsive Web Design? Greg’s 4th mobile UX book is based on 50+ lectures, graduate courses and workshops in 10 countries, combining the best of Lean business and Agile development with practical, no-nonsense light-weight UX design methodology. $1 Prototype: a rapid, lightweight and resilient application of simple but profound UX techniques that really work for our modern, mobile age.
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Android Design Patterns Book

Android Design Patterns: Interaction Design Solutions for Developers

Wiley, 2013
“By reading and using Greg’s entire book you will tremendously improve the entire mobile experience you will be creating for your customers. Bottom line, there is no other resource out there that goes to this level of depth on Android application design.” — Foreword by Theresa Neil
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Smashing Mobile Book

The Mobile Book

Smashing Media, 2013
“The depth of knowledge provided by the experts in this book is extraordinary. It blew me away. This book provides a diplomatic, comprehensive guide to understanding “Mobile”, delivered by people who have a real passion for the Mobile endeavors in our community.” — Ben Howdle
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Designing Search Book

Designing Search: UX Strategies for eCommerce Success

Wiley 2011
“From multi-channel to multi-touch, Greg tackles the bleeding edge… Mobile and Tablet search patterns… This book will help you to escape the death of the mall and embrace the vivacious, pleasurable, and profitable life of the bazaar.” — Foreword by Peter Morville
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bryan_tinsley“Several years Greg did some consult work with Open Source on our site. His design suggestions, which included thumbnail images, helped conversion quite a bit. Soon our competition copied and, in some cases, upgraded their search. All the new search interfaces, however, were limited in the amount of image data they could show at one time. That led us, using Greg’s original ideas, to the idea of a thumbnail of a thumbnail. In our industry and for our type of images I think it is very valuable information. Greg was able to provide very insightful ideas with a limited knowledge of our company and based on a few brief conversations. I am also a big fan of his book, Designing Search.” — Bryan Tinsley, VP Marketing at Novus Biologicals, LLC

5 Book Contributions

  • Designing Mobile Apps: Tips And Techniques (Smashing Media, 2013)
  • Mobile Design Patterns (Smashing Media, 2012)
  • Designing the Search Experience, Tony Russell-Rose and Tyler Tate (Morgan-Kaufmann, 2013)
  • Search Analytics for Your Site, Lou Rosenfeld (Rosenfeld Media, 2011)

Greg’s work on storyboarding tablet transitions was featured recently in Rachel Hinman’s The Mobile Frontier (Rosenfeld Media, 2012).


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