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This is a video of $1 Prototype: 8 #LeanMobileUX Lessons Learned, a 20-minute TED-style talk at the sold-out From Business to Buttons Conference in Stockholm:

3 Upcoming Presentations in CA and TX

09/22/15 Silicon Valley Innovation Center * San Mateo, CA – $1 Prototype: A Lean, Low-Fi Approach to Android Material Design and Rapid Innovation (1-day workshop, tickets coming soon)
09/17/15 BigDesign Conference * Addison, TX – $1 Prototype: A Lean, Low-Fi Approach to Android Material Design and Rapid Innovation Workshop (1 day, tickets available)
05/07/15 Silicon Valley Innovation Center * San Mateo, CA – $1 Prototype: A Lean, Low-Fi Approach to Android Material Design and Rapid Innovation (Keynote + Q&A, dinner and drinks — only a few tickets left )

talya_carrie122x122“Taking your class was one of the best things I did to jump my career forward. For that I am ever so grateful for your time and energy!”

— Talya Carrie
Mobile Designer
Wize Commerce

56 Recent Presentations

04/21/15 Business to Buttons Conference * Stockholm – $1 Prototype: A Lean, Low-Fi Approach to Android Material Design and Rapid Innovation (TED-Style talk, sold-out)
03/17/15 SXSW15 * Austin, TX – $1 Prototype: Modern Methods for Mobile Design (half-day workshop, sold-out)
07/16/14 Multinational eCommerce Company * Buenos Aires, Argentina – Android L Material Design & RWD UX Design & Training Workshop (2 days)
05/19/14 Sum of the Parts +++ Autodesk Speaker Series * San Francisco, CA $1 Prototype: A Modern Approach to
Mobile UX Design and Rapid Innovation
05/02/14 Multinational Classifieds Company * Dubai, UAE – Android and Mobile Web UX Design & Training Workshop
03/10/14 SXSW14 * San Antonio, TX 10:00 am Book Signing: Android Design Patterns
03/09/14 SXSW14 * San Antonio, TX Advanced Agile Mobile Design Workshop: Android 4.x iOS 7 (1 Day)
02/27/14 Fortune 100 Financial Company * San Francisco, CA – 2-Day Mobile and Responsive Web Design Workshop
02/18/14 Bay Area Android Study Groups * Eventbrite, San Francisco Android Search and Refinement Design Patterns
02/12/14 Responsive Web Trends Conference * MoBoom, San Francisco Lean Mobile-First UX: Get Awesome Responsive Sites to Market Quickly

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marti_gold“I first met Greg at his all-day, hands-on seminar at SXSW 2013 promoting “Android Design Patterns.” While many experts speak in vague generalities and buzzwords, within minutes it was apparent that Greg had a true mastery of his subject. His seminars, and his books, are for people who want straight talk and solid, detailed visual examples of mobile UI best practices.

There is an anecdote from that event which, to me, illustrated both Greg’s outstanding personal character and his genuine interest in expanding his own knowledge: At one point, not knowing I was in the audience, he showed one of my designs as an example of ‘asking for unnecessary information.” At the next break, I stopped and introduced myself, and explained why that particular form field was indeed important as it impacted the prices a customer would see. Rather than just smiling and dismissing that information as most speakers would have done, when the session restarted he asked for the whole room’s attention. He then told everyone about our conversation and even went back to that slide to show the visual in question — and emphasized why it was important that all designers fully understand business requirements before passing judgements. In my experience, only a small handful of authors would have done that.

Therefore, if you are looking for an author/speaker for internal staff training, consulting, or upcoming UX event, I recommend Greg and his books very highly. He is able to effectively and rapidly communicate real world UI solutions that can immediately improve any mobile application design.”
-Marti Gold, UX Director, North America at W3 Americas

02/05/14 Bay Area UX/UI Mobile Design Meetup * Intuit HQ, Mountain View Designing Android 4 Apps for iOS Designers!
01/22/14 Mobile Payments and Value Added Services Summit * New York, NY Mobile Payment Technology Panel (with Dell and MasterCard) CANCELLED DUE TO STORM
12/07/13 General Assembly * San Francisco, CA Lean Mobile Design Workshop (1 Day)
11/08/13 San Francisco State University * San Francisco, CA Mobile UX/UI Design Intensive Certificate (3 CEU)
10/22/13 On Android Conf * San Francisco, CA Experimental Android UX Design Patterns
10/16/13 Latinoware * Iguassu, Brasil Keynote: Experimental Android Design Patterns
09/25/13 BayCHI * Yahoo! Sunnyvale, CA Designing Android 4 Apps for iOS Designers
09/12/13 The Mobile UX Summit * Rosenfeld Media Android 4.x Design: 5 Tips and a Case Study
08/22/13 UserTesting * Interview Celebrate Fragmentation, Search is Dead & When to Not Build Apps
08/20/13 UserTesting * Webinar Secrets of Mobile Success
08/19/13 Silicon Valley iOS Developers Meetup * San Francisco, CA Designing in Android 4.x for iOS folks
07/30/13 NoPanels * Mountain View, CA Mobile UX for Startups
07/20/13 Mobilek.it * Los Angeles, CA Agile Mobile Design Workshop
06/29/13 General Assembly * San Francisco, CA Agile Mobile Design Workshop 2-Day Series
06/11/13 USAA Bank * San Antonio, TX * Mobile Design Workshop (through Rosenfeld Media)
05/10/13 Oracle * Redwood Shores, CA Responsive Design Workshop (through Rosenfeld Media)
04/20/13 Mobile Camp Chicago * Chicago, IL Designing Mobile Magic Moments
03/12/13 South by Southwest * San Antonio, CA Agile Mobile Design Workshop Testimonials (4 min) | Video Sample (7 min)
02/09/13 World IA Day * Los Angeles, CA Designing Mobile Magic Moments Full Video (44 min)
02/17/13 UXI Studio * Tel-Aviv, Israel Keynote
02/19/13 UXI Studio * Tel-Aviv, Israel Agile Mobile Design Workshop
12/12/12 General Assembly UX Course by Christina Wodtke * San Francisco, CA Guest Lecture on Mobile Design
11/16/12 MobX * Berlin, Germany Keynote
11/15/12 MobX * Berlin, Germany Agile Mobile Design Workshop
08/23/12 Adaptive Path UXWeek * San Francisco, CA Practical Agile Mobile Design Workshop
07/16/12 Silicon Valley iOS Developers Meetup * StackMob, San Francisco, CA Designing Mobile Magic Moments
07/02/12 HULT University * San Francisco, CA Graduate Course: Advanced User Experience
06/19/12 eConsultancy Digital Cream * San Jose, CA Panel Discussion: Mobile UX Design
05/16/12 DesignCaffeine Virtual Seminar Cross Channel Design: Magic Mobile Moments
04/06/12 DesignCaffeine Virtual Seminar QR Codes That Convert: Mobile UX Strategies for Success
03/21/12 Information Architecture Summit * New Orleans, LA Cross-Channel Search: Design Approaches for Mobile and Tablet
03/05/12 DesignCaffeine Virtual Seminar How to make Agile work for your Mobile Design project
11/14/11 Search Engine Summit (SES) * Chicago, IL Panda vs. Human: Advanced eCommerce SEO & UX (with Jaimie Sirovich) Interview | Review
11/01/11 Enterprise Search Summit Fall * Washington, DC Ubiquitous Enterprise Search: New Design Approaches for Mobile and Tablet
10/23/11 GOLD SPONSOR: DrawCamp * Milwaukee, WI Agile Mobile Prototyping with Post-It Notes
10/22/11 SketchCamp Chi * Chicago, IL Agile Mobile Design Sketching
10/21/11 Marquette University * Milwaukee, WI Designing for Mobile & Tablet Workshop
05/28/11 SILVER SPONSOR: UX SketchCamp * San Francisco, CA Storyboarding iPad Transitions
05/25/11 WebVisions * Portland, OR Designing Effective Mobile Ecommerce Search
05/10/11 Enterprise Search Summit * New York, NY Designing Mobile Enterprise Search – Lessons From Mobile Ecommerce
01/19/11 Silicon Valley iOS Developers’ Meetup * LinkedIn HQ, Mountain View, CA Designing a Resourceful Mobile Search Experience
09/20/10 Design4Mobile * Chicago, IL Designing Resourceful Mobile E-Commerce Search
06/12/10 DrawCamp * Milwaukee, WI Storyboarding iPad Transitions
04/07/10 Information Architecture Summit * Phoenix, AZ Design Caffeine for Search and Browse UI
05/01/09 Net Squared Non-Profit Conference * San Jose, CA Experience Design for a Viral Mobile Community
04/13/08 Information Architecture Summit * Miami, FL How to set up and run participatory design sessions, analyze data and present results effectively