Information Architecture Summit * April 7-11, 2010 * Phoenix, AZ

Design Caffeine for Search and Browse UI

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Search and browse interfaces are some of the most visited pages on typical e-commerce sites—to say nothing of a search engine like Google. However, few resources focus on improving the search experience from the customer’s perspective. Greg Nudelman aims to fill this gap by presenting the best content from his monthly UXmatters column, Search Matters and his upcoming book, “Designing Search: UX Strategies for eCommerce Success”:

1) Optimizing images, content, and actions in search UI
2) The best ways to approach no search results conditions
3) Understanding the value of a good layout and how to calculate the right vertical spacing for your site
4) How to design aspects and filters with judicious use of Ajax
5) Understanding the differences between iPhone and Web search
6) How to create dynamic landing pages, brand catalogs and category pages
7) Best practices and common pitfalls of search and browse user interface design

This is a straight-forward, practical talk about search and browse UI design, so there will be lots of before-and-after picture slides (and very few bullet points). After each section of slides (about every 10 minutes) there will be a short 5 minute Q&A segment to address specific design questions and take questions from the audience.