Designing for Mobile & Tablet Workshop * October 21, 2011 * Milwaukee, WI

Today, mobile experiences are beginning to dominate our connection with technology. Stories we read. Places we go. Stuff we buy. Food we eat. Who we interact with. Mobile is increasingly becoming the platform, the operating system on which we run our digital lives. In this intensive hands-on workshop, you will learn to design authentic mobile and tablet websites and apps that deliver experiences your customers will love to come back to again and again.  And create a return on investment that will make your business people tremble with greed.

Mobile design is challenging, and calls for a unique design approach. Instead of typing into search boxes, for example, people are increasingly learning to use augmented reality, voice search, recent search history, keyword suggestions, GPS locators, QR codes, NFC signals, multi-touch and motion interactions to obtain and navigate search results. Often, on mobile devices, the best search is no search at all, but being able to use a mobile device to get the results we want served to us without requiring any input or effort on our part—without any search interface whatsoever.



The workshop is run by Greg Nudelman, Principal/CEO of DesignCaffeine, Inc. and author of the best-selling Wiley book “Designing Search: UX Strategies for eCommerce Success”, with particular focus on mobile design patterns and strategies.  Greg is a veteran of mobile and web UX design consulting, with over 12 years of creating elegant designs with abundant ROI, advising large companies (eBay, PayPal, WebEx, Cisco, Wells Fargo, CapitalOne, Rearden) and creative startups (Groupon, Ketera, ThirstyPocket, Grockit, Traveltipz). Greg wrote over 30 industry articles and authored several patents and patent applications.


This workshop is limited to 45 people. We break up into small groups that will form a 1-day master-mind alliance that will help you, with our close individual attention, to turn your questions, ideas and new insights you will gain during the workshop into detailed, hand-drawn wireframes of your new tablet and mobile interface improvements.



Mobile design is now in the Wild West mode, and many new ideas and design patterns are only just beginning to emerge. Well-executed mobile design seems deceptively simple, but it is highly sophisticated. Every little thing is important, and it’s hard to get everything right the first time, making expert guidance and user testing essential. Greg took two years to study and write down the most important mobile design patterns and ideas in his book. Now Greg brings his expereince into his workshop, to provide a solid foundation on which product teams could build their own mobile and tablet designs. This workshop is an opportunity to nurture and develop your unique ideas with Greg’s expert guidance so they blossom into amazing mobile experiences your customers will rave about.


With step-by-step instruction, targeted exercises and individual attention we will show you how to:

  • Distill the experience down to essentials… and re-invent your interface with mobile-first approach
  • Create the zero search results page that will delight customers and deepen their connection with your brand
  • Pick the mobile faceted search pattern that’s right for you
  • Create brand and product landing pages that generate 10x the ROI
  • Correctly use the powerful More Like This pattern
  • Implement your auto-suggest using the patent-pending Tap-Ahead design pattern
  • Create immersive experience using lessons from popular mobile games like Angry Birds
  • Understand the use-cases and ergonomic differences between tablet and mobile phone and how to create the right UI for each device
  • Create mobile forms and mobilized content — everything you need to design your new application
  • Setup your guerilla mobile user research program on a shoe-string budget.

Create a mobile & tablet experience your customers will brag about. Register today.



Anyone designing and building mobile & tablet websites and apps. UX Designers. Interaction Designers. Graphic Designers. Content Managers/Producers. Educators. Programmers. Product Managers. VPs. CEOs.



Workshop location is: Marquette University
Johnston Hall room 103
1131 W. Wisconsin Avenue
Milwaukee, WI 53201-1881 

Workshop runs 1 full day, Friday, October 21st, from 9 am to 5 pm. Doors open at 8:30 for sign-in. There will be morning and afternoon beverage/snack breaks. Lunch will be on your own; a list of local restaurants will be provided.



Regular price: $399

Each registration includes a copy of Designing Search: UX Strategies for eCommerce Success by Greg Nudelman (Wiley, 2011).



Groups of 3 or more get a 10% discount. Select a group discount rate when registering.



Payment is required in advance; but it is refundable, less a $100 processing fee, if you notify us at least one week before the workshop. If you fail to attend and do not notify us at least one week in advance, your money will not be refunded. Notify us about cancellations by sending a message to



Diederich College of Communication at
Marquette University
Milwaukee Interactive Marketing Association