HULT University Course: Advanced User Experience * July 2 – August 3, 2011 * San Francisco, CA


Course Description This course teaches how to create best-of-class cross-channel customer experiences on the mobile, tablet and web. Using Mobile-First design principles, students will learn the practical modern UX methods and best design approaches for each channel, with special focus on critical elements of mobile apps, search, navigation, forms and workflows. Although no technical expertise […]

Digital Cream * June 19, 2012 * San Jose, California


E-Consultancy’s exclusive invitation-only roundtable event, Digital Cream San Jose is an opportunity for senior client-side digital marketers to discuss best practice and the reality of digital marketing with the industry’s ‘cream of the crop’.

The event is designed to help you meet your peers and learn from each other about the latest best practice, what’s working and what’s not.

It’s a ‘hands-on’ participatory event: you will network and learn through discussion, roundtables and debate. Attend FREE as my guest by subscribing to Mobile and Tablet Design Secrets.

Virtual Seminar: Cross-Channel Design: Magic Mobile Moments


Why do some million-dollar apps fail, while simple apps like Instagram make billions? The answer is “Magic Moments”. And on May 16th, the author of best-selling book “Designing Search: UX Strategies for eCommerce Success” will show you how to create “Magic Moments” in your own Mobile and Tablet apps.

NOTE: Not for beginners. The Expert Strategy(TM) Series is aimed at mastery of advanced design principles.

Virtual Seminar: QR Codes That Convert: Mobile UX Strategies for Success


“The QR Codes that Convert webinar has already paid for itself. I was able to tweak a client’s QR campaign today, using what I learned, and it started increasing their customer engagement right away. I would recommend this webinar to anyone using QR codes in their marketing campaigns or anyone advising clients who use QR Codes.” – Marty Diamond, Diamond Website Conversion

You can view the recording made April 6th, 2012.

Enterprise Search Summit Fall * November 1-3, 2011 * Washington, DC

Ubiquitous Enterprise Search: New Design Approaches for Mobile and Tablet
Lessons from ecommerce and other consumer-oriented mobile designs will provide practical strategies on managing the high-risk mobile search investment and growing the scope of enterprise search offerings.

ScketchCamp Chi * October 22, 2011 * Chicago, IL

Agile Mobile Design Sketching
In this intensive, hands-on session, participants will learn how to use a pack of post-it notes to successfully simulate a mobile device and re-create and study key interactions, transitions and touch-screen control ergonomics cheaply, quickly and accurately. Participants will walk away with a set of completed paper-prototype screens of their next app, ready for testing.

Designing for Mobile & Tablet Workshop * October 21, 2011 * Milwaukee, WI

Today, mobile experiences are beginning to dominate our connection with technology. Stories we read. Places we go. Stuff we buy. Food we eat. Who we interact with. Mobile is increasingly becoming the platform, the operating system on which we run our digital lives. In this intensive hands-on full-day workshop, you will learn to design authentic mobile and tablet websites and apps that deliver experiences your customers will love to come back to again and again. And create a return on investment that will make your business people tremble with greed.