HULT University Course: Advanced User Experience * July 2 – August 3, 2011 * San Francisco, CA


Course Description This course teaches how to create best-of-class cross-channel customer experiences on the mobile, tablet and web. Using Mobile-First design principles, students will learn the practical modern UX methods and best design approaches for each channel, with special focus on critical elements of mobile apps, search, navigation, forms and workflows. Although no technical expertise […]

Improve the Usability of Search-Results Pages: Add Sophisticated but Easy-to-Use Filtering and Sorting Controls

Originally Published in, January 23, 2006 ⇒ E.R. Tufte, in his phenomenal book Envisioning Information, states, “Clarity and simplicity are completely opposite of simple-mindedness.” This false simple-mindedness is often evident in the design of a search-results page. Even on some of the leading e-commerce sites, this important page is frequently made hard to use […]

Timestamp-Based Caching Framework: Current Data with Peak Performance

Originally Published on, January 3, 2005 ⇒ Build a dynamic LRU cache framework using standard Java utility classes In his timeless masterpiece, The Art of War, Sun Tzu states: “…one who is skilled in warfare principles …takes the enemy’s walled city without attacking… His aim must be to take All-Under-Heaven intact. Therefore, weapons will […]