Design4Mobile * September 20-24, 2010 * Chicago, IL

Designing Resourceful Mobile E-Commerce Search

Long viewed as Web search’s poor sister, Mobile search presents a compelling story in its own right, with it’s own experience considerations and tremendous opportunities. To help illustrate what creates a resourceful and intuitive mobile search experience, I will present the best material from my upcoming book, Designing Search: UX Strategies for eCommerce Success due out from Wiley in Spring 2011:

  • The right way to approach the mobile search design challenge
  • Using Augmented Reality and mobile device GPS location
  • Local personal ecommerce & product bar-code scanners
  • Re-engaging the customer after constant interruptions
  • The UX differences between smart phones and tablet (iPad)
  • Faceted Search Design patterns for mobile and iPad
  • Mobile search Information Architecture patterns
  • The best ways to approach zero search results conditions

This is a straight-forward, practical talk about mobile e-commerce search UI design, so there will be lots of examples and very few bullet points.

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