Featured by Apple: Intuit TaxCaster iOS7 App

Apple featured Intuit’s TaxCaster in a Finance category at their iOS7 Launch. Apple is also using TaxCaster as a great example of an app designed specifically for iOS7 at their world-wide TechTalk events.


Associated Press: News-Worthy Search

We tackled the design of a new video search interface for the most extensive media collection on the planet. So the world could find the stories that needed to be told.


USAA: The Android 4 Opportunity

In addition to providing team training and the design guidelines document, we are SUPER-excited to have helped USAA take on the challenge of using the new Android platform as a strategic opportunity to redesign their flagship flows.


WebEx: Optimal UX for iPhone iPad & Desktop

We helped WebEx re-imagine their flagship meeting product and in the process, redefined the best of cross-platform customer experience: the UI that emphasizes the best features of every class of device to create a coherent experience based on the best features of each platform.


Wells Fargo: Redefining Mobile Banking

Fast and convenient Person-to-Person payments through the clearXchange network created by the U.S. largest financial institutions: Wells Fargo, Chase and Bank of America.


Grockit: Social Learning With Clarity & Simplicity

Social learning experience based on the World of Warcraft game that raised over 10 million in funding, won the Jury Selection at TechCrunch 50 and created legions of fans.


A Few More of Our Clients


bryan_tinsley“Several years Greg did some consult work with Open Source on our site. His design suggestions, which included thumbnail images, helped conversion quite a bit. Soon our competition copied and, in some cases, upgraded their search. All the new search interfaces, however, were limited in the amount of image data they could show at one time. That led us, using Greg’s original ideas, to the idea of a thumbnail of a thumbnail. In our industry and for our type of images I think it is very valuable information. Greg was able to provide very insightful ideas with a limited knowledge of our company and based on a few brief conversations. I am also a big fan of his book, Designing Search.” — Bryan Tinsley, VP Marketing at Novus Biologicals, LLC


sheel_gupta122x122“My experience with working with Greg was extremely positive. Not only is he the Yoda of design, he also is an all around great guy. Kind, helpful, reliable- you name it! I’m sure Greg will continue to excel and push his boundaries of excellence in all his future UI endeavors.”
— Sheel Gupta
Global Head of Demand Generation at Quantcast


alberto_marabini_122x122“Greg designed a lot of improvements that made the user experience way more involving and efficient. We are not talking about just visual embellishment here, this app was about interacting at once with hundred thousand live data items! Greg is a genius in making extremely complex user interaction just simple and effective! Beside his UI design capabilities Greg is a great person to work with, really able to collect and synthesize the contribution of multiple and non-technical sources in a superior form.” — Alberto Marabini, Software Architect, Cisco Systems

Associated Press
eBay Motors
eBay, Inc.
Halfaker and Associates
Harvard Business Review
Novus Biologicals
Rearden Commerce
Saba Software
Thirsty Pocket
US Patent and Trademark Office
Wells Fargo

josh_deford_122x122“Not only is Greg a really good guy, with an easy smile, a great laugh, and keen sense of humor, he is one of the most talented UX designers I have had the pleasure of working with. He’s a real design master- deeply experienced in the art and science of human computer interaction. It was a pleasure working with Greg at Ketera and I highly recommend him to anyone in need of thorough, thoughtful application design solutions.”
— Joshua DeFord, Director of Product Management,


Matthew_Paulus_122x122“Greg is an expert at designing and analyzing user research studies, taking the results and translating them into design solutions. Greg has been responsible for research and design solutions for some high-visibility clients which have tangibly turned more browsers into buyers. Greg is a true visionary who has the unique ability to creatively solve complex problems and methodically plan research to backup design direction. I would highly recommend Greg and have found him to be both professional and affable.”
–Matthew Paulus, Director of NA Sales, UX/CX Professional, UserZoom


tetyana_Hrekh122x122“Greg worked on our initial design for the site. I found him to be professional, insightful and easy to work with. He was very attentive to our needs and requirements and produced quality results. I recommend Greg for his expertise in UI and for his diligent work.”
— Tetyana Hrekh
Co-founder & CEO,, Harvard MBA & MPA


John_Berryman_122x122“I have benefitted greatly by working with Greg on several occasions. Prior to hiring an in-house designer, OpenSource Connections was sorely in need of design expertise – that’s when we first called on Greg. Greg was able to help us work with our clients, discern their goals and requirements, and design a UI/UX that perfectly matched their needs. But more than that, Greg often seems to have (or perhaps quickly learn) domain knowledge that helps him understand the problem space all the more deeply. This really made Greg shine in front of our clients. (And helped us look good too!) Greg was a great asset to our team.”
— John Berryman, Data Architect at OpenSource Connections