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How to Easily Prototype Your Android L Material Designs: TripAdvisor App Case Study


In my workshops, often the greatest challenge for designers is converting their existing Android designs to the new Material Design approach—making the interface both simpler and more visually rich than their corresponding Android 4.x designs, as well as laying out the “happy path” for the customers (using Floating Action Button or FAB, as one of the tools). The following sticky note wireframes demonstrate my quick take on converting the Android 4.x TripAdvisor app into Material Design using $1 Prototype methodology — perfect for prototyping Android Material Designs.

Android 4.0, Siri and Tangible Future of Voice Search UX


Today, Apple announced a bunch of enhancements to Siri and voice search. How does Siri UX compare with Android 4.0? What’s just around the corner for Voice Search? Don’t tell your phone or tablet anything else until you’ve read the article.

Digital Cream * June 19, 2012 * San Jose, California


E-Consultancy’s exclusive invitation-only roundtable event, Digital Cream San Jose is an opportunity for senior client-side digital marketers to discuss best practice and the reality of digital marketing with the industry’s ‘cream of the crop’.

The event is designed to help you meet your peers and learn from each other about the latest best practice, what’s working and what’s not.

It’s a ‘hands-on’ participatory event: you will network and learn through discussion, roundtables and debate. Attend FREE as my guest by subscribing to Mobile and Tablet Design Secrets.

Search Engine Summit (SES) * November 14-18, 2011 * Chicago, IL

Panda vs. Human: Advanced eCommerce SEO & UX
This session will introduce cutting-edge human interfaces from Greg Nudelman’s Designing Search: UX Strategies for eCommerce Success – and then consider the same interface from the view of the panda (Google’s new search engine crawler algorithm).

Enterprise Search Summit Fall * November 1-3, 2011 * Washington, DC

Ubiquitous Enterprise Search: New Design Approaches for Mobile and Tablet
Lessons from ecommerce and other consumer-oriented mobile designs will provide practical strategies on managing the high-risk mobile search investment and growing the scope of enterprise search offerings.

Is Your UI Causing Zero Search Results Pages?


“Designing from Zero” – how to analyze UI challenges that are often the hidden cause of zero-results pages as a catalyst for creating powerful, original design solutions that create customer delight and business revenue.

Practical Ecommerce Search: UX Strategies for Success


I wrote the definitive book on the subject: “Designing Search: UX Strategies for eCommerce Success”. In this workshop, I help you understand and create a cross-channel digital search strategy and show you how to improve the search experience through practical, intuitive interface design patterns that create 10X or more in ROI.

Immersive Mobile E-Commerce Search Using Drop-Down Menus

Immersive Mobile E-Commerce Search Using Drop-Down Menus

Specialized drop-down menu are one of the ways of creating immersive experience in mobile e-commerce search UIs. A novel design pattern, status bar drop-down menu, allows 100% of the screen real estate to be dedicated to search results, while also providing convenient and intuitive access to navigation and filter functions.

Designing Brand Landing Pages for Mobile Devices


People love to search by brand names. On the small screens of mobile devices, well-designed landing pages can provide a much better experience than keyword search results. This makes brand landing pages today’s biggest sleeper opportunity for mobile and tablet ecommerce. But you have to learn to be completely ruthless with your features and content. Here’s how.